Board Members

Pamela Alfred
Tarsha Howell
Chief Executive of B.I.R.T.H, Inc.

A non-profit organization assisting mothers to continue living after the loss of a child. Providing grief education, monthly support meetings, retreats, and annual walks.

Ms.Tarsha Howell graduated from Limestone College, majoring and working in the Human Resources profession. She is also a certified Life Coach, guiding her clients in mindful awareness. Ms.Howell is the mother of two sons in the natural Christopher Lanard Shider and Willie LaVar Shider. One son in spirit, Justin Jamal Shider. Tarsha has eight grandchildren who are dear to her heart.

March 19th, 2021, Ms. Howell lost her son unexpectedly; therefore. she understands the ebbs and flows of this journey. Ms. Howell desires to help as many mothers as possible to successfully navigate through this journey of grief.

Pamela Alfred

Pamela Alfred

Pamela Alfred’s journey as a passionate advocate against gun violence began with a tragic event that forever altered her life. In 2022, she experienced the heartbreaking loss of her youngest son due to gun violence. This devastating event ignited a fierce determination within her to take a stand against the pervasive issue. Since then, Pamela has emerged as a sought­ after panelist and speaker, lending her voice and personal experience to local groups dedicated to educating the community about the devastating impact of gun violence.

With unwavering dedication, Pamela now uses her platform to raise awareness and promote meaningful change. Her compelling presence and heartfelt messages resonate with audiences as she shares her personal story and advocates with local organizations add· ng her valued voice in the fight to prevent gun violence as she pas ionately works towards creating safer communities and a future where uch tragedies are prevented.